Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)

This is a deck of 64 affirmation cards to help you find your inner strength. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this deck of 64 cards contains 128 unique pieces of art exquisitely illustrated by five artists. Each vibrant card contains a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy to your life.Power Thought Cards”

Power Thought Cards

ISBN 10 : 1561706124
ISBN 13 : 9781561706129


Power Thoughts For Teens Cards

ISBN 10 : 1561708186
ISBN 13 : 9781561708185

Teens can use this beautiful, brightly colored deck of 50 affirmation cards to help them develop their self-esteem! Samples of the Power Thoughts for Teens cards: —I make friends..

Wisdom Cards

ISBN 10 : 1561707309
ISBN 13 : 9781561707300

Features a deck of 64 affirmation cards to help you develop your inner wisdom. This title contains 128 unique pieces of art exquisitely illustrated by two artists. It also contains..

Living An Inspired Life

ISBN 10 : 9781401951566
ISBN 13 : 1401951562

There’s a voice in the Universe entreating us to remember our purpose, our reason for being here now in this world of impermanence. The voice whispers, shouts, and sings to us..

Inner Peace Cards

ISBN 10 : 1561707864
ISBN 13 : 9781561707867

The wit and wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer is reflected in this collection of inspirational quotes and affirmations. Whether you're already on the “path” or doing your best to get th..

You Can Heal Your Life

ISBN 10 : 9781458748249
ISBN 13 : 1458748243

This New York Times Bestseller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Louises key message in this powerful work is: ''If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything c..

Power Thoughts

ISBN 10 : 1458755894
ISBN 13 : 9781458755896

This little book is filled with positive affirmations from Louise Hay. Each full-color page is gift of self-empowerment. By reading these affirmations - one a day, several at a tim..

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