Connecting research and results.

As a master teacher, John Santrock connects students to current research and real-world application, helping students see how developmental psychology plays a role in their own lives and future careers. Through an integrated, personalized digital learning program, students gain the insight they need to study smarter and improve performance.

History S Children

ISBN 10 : 0868408638
ISBN 13 : 9780868408637

What is it about Australian history? Students dismiss the subject for being boring while politicians and concerned parents fret over their lack of historical knowledge. The classro..

Who S Afraid Of Children

ISBN 10 : 0754641716
ISBN 13 : 9780754641711

Brocklehurst's impressive work breaks new ground in normative international political theory. The author develops a new theoretical framework which exposes how children are present..

The Roots Of Prosocial Behavior In Children

ISBN 10 : 0521337712
ISBN 13 : 9780521337717

What kinds of childbearing practices foster the development of helping, sharing, and other prosocial behaviours? What roles do biology and culture play in the development of prosoc..

Ocd In Children And Adolescents

ISBN 10 : 1572302429
ISBN 13 : 9781572302426

This practical manual presents a cognitive-behavioral treatment program that has been proven effective in eliminating or alleviating OCD symptoms in children across a broad range o..

Fagin S Children

ISBN 10 : 1852853913
ISBN 13 : 9781852853914

Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, with Fagin, Sykes, the Artful Dodger, and children trained as pickpockets and sent out as burglar’s accomplices, provides an unforgettable ficti..

Children And Television

ISBN 10 : 0415144523
ISBN 13 : 9780415144520

This revised second edition of the text provides a comprehensive review of recent literature on television's effect on children. It covers all the major topics surrounding children..

Drama With Children

ISBN 10 : 0194372200
ISBN 13 : 9780194372206

This book introduces drama activities to children, including role play, mime, chants, puppets and short plays...

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